Big data, the cornerstone of personalised customer relations

Big is beautiful! If Big Data shows considerable promise for any business, it’s a goldmine for retailers. With the advent of omnichannel retailing, as well as monitoring conventional contact data or purchase history, you now also have to look at: website pages visited; abandoned shopping carts; and even their passage through stores, using beacons. With everything in hand, retailers now have a vast array of information to help them refine their strategies for a more personalised customer relationship.Continue reading

Omninomics – Is your supply chain ready for millenials?

The fashion industry is undergoing the biggest change since the industrial revolution: Today’s consumers prize instant convenience and authenticity. They want innovative new products, instantaneous information, to comparison shop, to easily return items that don’t fit, and always get the best deal.

You must be sure that your value chain is ready to meet the challenges of omnichannel retail.

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You’ve got TeeMail

HERE’S A cool concept. You’re on holiday, in a great little surf store and want to share the love with family back home. Hop on an in-store touch-screen kiosk, select a tee-shirt design from an endless range of possibilities, choose some great packaging and a message, pay, and it’s on it’s way!

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The Beauty of Omnichannel Retailing

Omnichannel retailing is the practice of providing a fully-featured, unified retail experience across multiple channels. Traditionally, those channels include bricks and mortar retail and your online store, but other offerings such as a smartphone app or a print catalogue could still be considered a part of Omnichannel retailing.

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