Retail POS: 4 Features Growing Merchants Need

When it comes to retail POS systems, “basic” doesn’t cut it anymore. Spiraling competition, changing consumer trends and other factors mean that more comprehensive retail POS technology is a better bet for growing merchants. There are four essential features retailers should look for in a retail POS system:

  1. Support for an Omnichannel retail POS model
  2. Support for Mobile POS
  3. Cloud-based Configuration
  4. CRM/Customer Loyalty/Marketing Component

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Reshaping the Retail Supply Chain at Intersport UK

Speed is of the essence in retail – particularly in the fast-paced world of sport. Not only must retailers get products to market quickly, they must respond promptly to customer demand. International sporting goods retailer INTERSPORT knows these pressures first-hand, running a network of more than 5,500 stores across 43 countries. This is particularly evident in the UK and Ireland where its stores are predominantly affiliated retailers of INTERSPORT UK itself a part of the buying group AIS. To create the optimum platform for further expansion, INTERSPORT UK needed to reinvigorate its local IT solution to better connect the store with central operations – and it turned to Cegid.Continue reading

Keys to Successful International Retail Expansion

Successful retailers seeking to expand internationally need to factor in key elements and and be careful not to approach it haphazardly. Retailers must study the economic context, decide where to open new offices, monitor legal and tax constraints, take into account cultural, commercial and logistical differences, and adapt their management IT systems. This can be complex and risky. Yet all of these obligations can be converted into opportunities. Retailers can simplify their administrative and logistical processes, reduce costs, implement innovative solutions and create new ways to communicate with the consumer. Of course, this requires an ambitious transition, but one that retailing professionals can undertake with confidence - All you need to do is be correctly informed, make the right choices, and be supported by specialists in each field.

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The Salesperson’s New Role

All retail experts agree that sales staff are now the key element of every sales strategy. They are the customer’s contact point with the brand, representing the brand and passing on customer feedback to the store. They make sure that information is transmitted from the brand to the customer and vice versa. And as a counterpoint to inexorable rise of digital devices, salespeople offer a natural, spontaneous and reassuring presence. As true ambassadors, they are loyal to the brand and its values, and seek to share their enthusiasm with as many customers as possible.

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You can’t take the “shop” out of shopping

Over the last 20 years, online shopping has gone from being something that people view with suspicion to an accepted part of everyday life. Today, Amazon and eBay are household names, and even supermarkets are up against online grocery retailers such as Ocado. The store is facing challenges from multiple fronts, not just from online retailers, but also from today’s hyper-connected consumer who expects more from their in-store shopping experience. They demand a seamless encounter with their preferred brand and they expect to be recognised and rewarded.

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Ted Baker Rolls Out Yourcegid Retail to Support Expansion.

Ted Baker, the fast-growing British designer brand, is rolling-out new point-of-sale and retail management software, Yourcegid Retail, to help support its expansion in Asia. Yourcegid Retail is expected to make dealing with complicated tax regimes and customer service in local languages more straightforward. The initial implementation of the stores in Hong Kong was completed just in time for the busy Christmas trading period and ahead of the opening of its first stores in mainland China early this year.

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Sweaty Betty ‘Works Out’ with Yourcegid Retail

Sweaty Betty, the British ladies sportswear brand designed to inspire and empower women through fitness, used Yourcegid Retail to help drive their Omnichannel strategy and support their UK and US growth aspirations.

Born in the heart of London’s Notting Hill in 1998, Sweaty Betty has over 30 boutiques across the UK, including concessions in world famous department stores Selfridges and Harrods. Following its UK success, the retailer has now set its sights on the USA and plans to open stores there, including one in New York’s Soho district, which opened last month.

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International expansion: L’Occitane uses Yourcegid Retail to manage more than 1,000 stores worldwide

L’Occitane, a world-renowned brand specializing in pure and natural cosmetics and perfumes, chose Yourcegid Retail software to fuel its international expansion and manage its network of stores worldwide.
Today, more than 1,000 stores in more than 25 countries are equipped with Yourcegid Retail. The solution allows L’Occitane to improve the management of its retail activities, improving merchandising, sales and customer relationship management as well as unifying the group’s retail processes into a single core model.

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Delsey is all packed to explore Asia with Cegid

Delsey, the worldwide number two retailer in luggage with over 6,000 stores across five continents, has selected Yourcegid Retail to support its expansion across Asia, including India. In less than four months, this international solution has already been deployed in more than forty stores in Hong Kong and China, enabling the brand to optimise its retail activities and grow its store network. The Yourcegid Retail solution provides best-in-class: merchandising, sales, clienteling and CRM features that include advanced loyalty programs, and click and collectContinue reading