Retail POS: 4 Features Growing Merchants Need

When it comes to retail POS systems, “basic” doesn’t cut it anymore. Spiraling competition, changing consumer trends and other factors mean that more comprehensive retail POS technology is a better bet for growing merchants. There are four essential features retailers should look for in a retail POS system:

  1. Support for an Omnichannel retail POS model
  2. Support for Mobile POS
  3. Cloud-based Configuration
  4. CRM/Customer Loyalty/Marketing Component

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What to Consider when Selecting Retail POS Software

Just as offering the right merchandise at the right time is essential to retailers’ success, so, too, is implementing the right retail POS software. Whether a retailer operates one store or multiple stores, deploying a retail POS software package with the appropriate feature set, as well as a variety of other attributes, positions it for success in both the short and long terms. However, not all retail POS software is created equal—so it is important to carefully shop around before making a final selection. Here are five criteria to consider when choosing retail POS software:

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