Mobile POS brings online possibilities into the store

Shoppers love the store experience, where they can try on, touch, explore and purchase in a single destination – it’s the foundation of shopping. But, equally important is the digital foundation of the store – consumers expect the best of both worlds, and Mobile POS is the key.

Increasingly, customers enter a store and use their mobile devices as a decision making tool. Over the last year, this number has increased by 100%, according to Cisco Consulting Services survey reported in Retail Touch Points.

Mobile POS makes the difference

Mobile POS is a key component of delivering customers an in-store experience that feels just as easy and personalized as online shopping. Customers expect that your sales assistants will greet them with mobile devices that are fully connected to your retail systems, and that these offer even more than what is on their own device. Solutions like Yourcegid Retail Mobile  will give you that edge – providing a unique, tailored experience that will keep your shoppers coming back to to your bricks and mortar stores.

In the same way that websites can detect and act when a consumer is about to leave the site, Mobile Pos gives you the ability to “save the sale” by enabling enhanced service: Speed up and improve the service by easily offering that dress in another size or colour, and if its not in store would she like it delivered direct to her home?

Mobile Pos gives an endless aisle of company-wide inventory to your sales staff, including customer history, so its simple to up-sell and cross-sell suggestions that are in line with previous purchases.

Customers are happy, staff are happy.

Mobile POS is a powerful part of your omnichannel approach. Because it supports that seamless experience across your digital and physical channels your customers will buy more, both in store and online. This in turn boosts your bottom line, with fewer mark downs, faster inventory turns and reduced number of sales lost to competition.

Your sales staff will love it – it empowers them to do their jobs with excellence. With full POS capabilities at their fingertips, they will work more fluidly – no more calls to check on warehouse inventory, or running back of store to check stock.  Research* shows:

  • 62 percent of retail workers say mobile POS has made their jobs easier
  • 28 percent say mobile POS has increased the number of products a customer buys
  • 51 percent of stores are using mobile POS to accept mobile payments
  • in a few years’ time, 79 percent of stores are expected to use mobile POS to accept mobile payments.

Scale with ease

Coupled with a secure cloud-based retail management system, Mobile POS will give you an agile way to scale and modernise your store operations, without placing heavy burden on your IT teams. You can be flexible – meet the consumer wherever you want – like pop-up stores or new locations

With Mobile POS you will further personalize your shopper’s experience, improve your customer service, and enhance your store operations.


*Resarch by Capterra


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