Integrated e-Commerce

To support your Omnichannel strategy, our e-Commerce solutions, will integrate completely with your retail management and back-end systems. Ensuring that you can deliver a seamless experience to your customers.

Most eCommerce solutions are one-size-fits all, but your business is unique, so our eCommerce solutions are tailored to your needs at the architectural level.


Seamless shopping experience
Responsive designs that encourage customers to visit your store any time, any where or any device.
Personalise and segment to boost sales
Enhance the digital experience with segmentation and personalisation. Create powerful incentives based on consumer demographics, location and prior behaviour (including items viewed or placed in shopping carts).
Boost average order value
One of the most effective ways to increase avaerage order value is to offer targeted buying options. Shop-the-look and complete-the-look functionality does just that. They up-sell and cross-sell each customer via sophisticated and foucsed sales algorithims.