Planning and Fulfillment

A critical aspect of an Omnichannel experience is being able to ensure that you can meet demand across all channels and ensure that your customer’s experience does not harm your brand. This requires that your supply chain planners are able to make knowledgeable, accurate planning decisions every time.

For large organisations managing a retail supply chain, our planning solutions utilize cutting-edge optimization technology to do just this.

Promotional Planning
Because promotions are dynamic, with moving relationships between a changing price and demand, the key to successful promotional planning, requires that you understand the correlation between the price change and the demand change as it is occurring. You need to be able to dynamically react to the promotion and ensure you can set your prices and meet demand in the optimal way.

Collaborative Demand Planning
It's important to have high-quality statistical intelligence and collaborative demand planning capabilities that enable you to exchange information with your business partners within your business, and across the supply chain network, including information sourced from market Intelligence and your collaborative relationship with customers and suppliers.

S&OP Enhancement
We offer enhanced Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) by supporting an integrated business planning process. It enables the executive/leadership team to continually achieve visibility, focus, alignment and synchronization across all the functions of the organization.

Product Life-cycle Management
Businesses need support for tactical planning decision-making related to product life-cycle management so you can plan accurately for introducing new products, and manage the tail – by helping you deciding when and how to introduce or remove products, the quantities you need to consider and when you should do it.

ABC Analysis
We offer value and profitability to the business with ABC Analysis tools that can cut through the large quantities of data to quickly and effectively identify customers and products that will be critical to your success, and the ones that also might need to be phased out.