CRM & Loyalty

Customer loyalty is very valuable to retailers of all sizes. The more loyal your customers are, the safer you will be from the draw of the competition. Loyal customers are also easier to cross-sell and up-sell, and are very likely to refer others to your brand.

However, it is an ongoing challenge for retailers to create, maintain, or increase customers' loyalty. It is no longer enough to collect customers’ emails and send mass coupons. To remain competitive, retailers must target the right customers, with the right offer, at the right time.

With Yourcegid Retail you gain a 360 degree view of your customers, and can bolster customer loyalty by targeting them based on multiple criteria, including purchase history.


Customer Data

  • gain a single view of your customers across channels
  • view detailed purchase history by item and receipt
  • track your customers’ favorite vendors, special occasion dates, and personal sizes
  • collect data such as complaints, litigations, and product information requests

Marketing Campaigns

  • segment customers based on demographic criteria or purchase history
  • create targeted marketing campaigns that promote special offers, store events etc.
  • analyze campaign performance across channels
  • receive automatic cross sell and up sell messages at the POS

Loyalty Programs

  • record loyalty card-related activities in real time, so balances are always accurate
  • automate the allotment of loyalty points based on what a customer purchases / spends
  • create and automate membership programs (silver, gold, platinum)
  • enable customers to utilize loyalty cards across channels

Gift Registries

  • create gift registries and associate customers with registries
  • automatically update the registry upon the purchase of a listed item
  • track event dates to determine when to ship the items to the registrant
  • print gift receipts when registry items are purchased