Mobile POS

Transform your point of sale into a point of service

With online retail sales continuing to increase, the challenge is to provide a unique, tailored experience that keeps customers coming back to bricks and mortar stores. Improved integration of sales channels, new technological developments and providing a personalised shopping experience are all key to future-proofing the high street.

As retailers compete to capture the attention of shoppers, smart retailers are leveraging mobile POS applications to improve customer engagement and increase conversion rates. Whether a customer has a question, needs pricing, wants to know if an item is in stock, or is ready to purchase, mobile POS applications empower sales associates to effectively interact with customers from anywhere and at anytime. Mobile POS allows retailers to provide a unique and engaging shopping experience, effectively differentiating them from their competition.

Yourcegid Retail Mobile POS

Available for use on Apple or Windows mobile devices, Yourcegid Retail Mobile transforms customer service in stores. The perfect fit for Omnichannel retailers, Yourcegid Retail Mobile works seamlessly on mobiles, tablets and PDAs, handling all of the day-to-day point of sale tasks anywhere in the store.

Mobile point of sale software revolutionises the role of a salesperson in a retail store. By equipping the sales team with a full customer record on a mobile device they can make tailored suggestions, track orders and manage loyalty scheme benefits to provide an exemplary personalised service for customers. In addition, the ability to process payments at any point throughout the store removes the restrictions of static points of sale to further improve service and cut queues.

Benefits of Mobile POS

Personalised customer experience:

  • Offer tailored product advice based on a customer’s purchase history
  • Develop more successful customer loyalty schemes and manage them in real-time

Improved customer service:

  • Provide up to date information on stock availability and arrange store transfers
  • Equip salespeople with the tools to provide a better quality of customer service

Efficient store management:

  • Keep customers moving in peak times with extra points of sale
  • Let customers bypass queues wherever they are in the store

Key Features of Yourcegid Retail Mobile

Yourcegid Retail’s mobile POS solution enables retailers to improve store performance and deliver a seamless customer experience that will naturally result in more sales.

  • Manage all standard point of sale functions including payments, stock transfers and after sales support through mobile devices
  • Offer additional points of sale for busy periods to prevent queues
  • Update customer loyalty schemes in real-time
  • Access full customer profiles in store with information collated from all sales channels

Front Office

  • Improve customer service levels and brand loyalty
  • Boost the average shopping basket and your top line
  • Use a convenient, pocket-sized point of sale terminal


  • Sales person identification
  • Input or scan item information
  • Attribute sales to customers
  • Pre-sell items with pending receipt
  • Use mobile cash register with integrated card payment facility
  • Calculate and display sales tax
  • Print receipts
  • Send receipts via email

Products and inventory

  • Search for retail prices
  • Search for item information
  • Search for local and remote inventories

In-store Back Office

  • Increase staff productivity
  • Concentrate your resources on high, value-added tasks
  • Obtain accurate inventory information


  • Merchandise from suppliers
  • Merchandise returned to suppliers
  • Replenishment orders
  • Full or partial validation of a delivery notification


  • Merchandise requests and transfers
  • Full or partial validation of transfer notifications

Physical count

  • Scanned items with quantity input
  • Store layout management
  • Input details
  • Statistics

A single dataset and connected architecture ensure that information is provided in real-time.

A single dataset
Yourcegid Retail Mobile is fully compatible with an omnichannel strategy. Your sales staff will have access to complete, real-time visibility of sales, available and reserved inventories, current promotions, loyalty points, and internet orders.

Connected architecture
Yourcegid Retail Mobile functions in online mode via Wi-Fi. In the event of a network failure in the back office, Yourcegid Retail Mobile switches to offline mode so that you can continue to use the mobile application to perform transactions. Information is automatically updated as soon as your network connection is restored.