Omnichannel delivers a seamless engagement to customers across all sales channels - online, mobile, and in bricks-and-mortar stores - with complete integration in the back end.

In today’s omnichannel world, stores, the internet, and mobile devices give customers a variety of ways to engage with retailers. Modern shoppers demand a seamless shopping experience regardless of what channel they choose to engage through. Omni-channel retail provides multiple channels which enable the connected consumer to become more educated throughout the buying cycle. Consumers are able to make more informed purchasing decisions. Having a strong omnichannel retail strategy is crucial to improving conversion rates so that you can remain competitive in today’s retail environment.

Benefits of Omnichannel Retailing
- Increased sales by offering customers multiple purchasing options
- Better visibility across all channels to create a better customer experience
- More efficient delivery- ship directly from your store or invite the customer to pick up at the closest brick and mortar location
- Create a seamless shopping experience that caters to customers’ purchasing preferences
- Collect and track data across multiple channels, monitoring behavior to better serve the customer

Omnichannel Sales

Your retail management software needs to handle all of the configurations deriving from an omnichannel strategy. There are as many different scenarios as there are buying behaviours, and each must be dealt with in a specific way:

  • Items purchased on the internet, deducted from the central inventory and collected in-store
  • Items purchased on the internet, deducted from the central inventory and delivered to the customer’s home or a pick-up point
  • Items purchased in-store, deducted from the store’s inventory OR the central inventory and delivered home or to a pick-up point
  • Items reserved on the internet, deducted from the store’s inventory and collected in-store
  • Items returned to the central warehouse, store, etc.

Measuring Performance of Omnichannel Strategy

Give your stores access to reporting tools and business intelligence for analyzing and measuring the effectiveness of their omni-channel strategy:

  • Understand each channel’s sales, trends, the average shopping basket and the best-selling items.
  • For in-store sales, see which sales originated online, and therefore determine which additional purchases were made in-store when the customer came to collect an order.

This last option makes it possible to commission sales staff for online transactions, and encourages sales staff to treat online customers as they would their own in-store customers.

More importantly, it will become evident, through the additional sales generated, which channels influence other channels and how they do so.

Yourcegid Retail will provide valuable information retailers can use to make the right decisions about collections, inventory levels, and new related services. Yourcegid Retail will systematically identify the origin of each sale.

Reward your customers for their loyalty

Providing better customer service
Thanks to the single, centralized database updated in real-time across all distribution channels, customers belonging to a loyalty program are systematically recognized and rewarded.

Their cumulative purchases and advantages, such as vouchers and customized promotions, are the same wherever and whenever they shop. No time lapse occurs while the information is communicated to the head office.

Advantages received in the form of vouchers or promotions can only be used once. It is no longer possible to use the same voucher in two stores or on two different channels. This is a benefit for retailers, as it reduces the number of customers who take undue advantage.