POS & Store Management

Get ready to reinvigorate your stores ! The store has a new lease of life. For today’s hyper-connected consumers, it’s a necessity for retailers to digitise their stores and unite offline and online encounters to deliver the ultimate brand experience. Our POS & Store Management solution rethinks the art of customer service, delivering an omnichannel store solution that brings digital capabilities into the store environment, to build experiences around consumers’ desires.

Reinvent Customer Service
Our POS & Store Management solution will enable your in-store sales staff to better serve your customers. It encourages the user to capture customer information so you can send targeted communication and campaigns. It also has rich after-sales functionality, including special orders, gift lists, loan management and campaign follow-up tasks
Increase Order Values
Give your customer-facing staff all the tools they need to convert more sales. Online product catalogues, real-time inventory data and ordering facilities are all available at the touch of a screen – enabling you to cross-sell, up-sell and complete transactions.
Enhance Loyalty
Transform customer relationship management to recognise lifetime value across all channels. Integrating store and online loyalty is not only more rewarding for shoppers; it increases your customer insights for better targeted marketing and promotions.
Boost Staff Productivity
More than a pure sales tool, Yourcegid POS & Store Management is an effective way to manage staff productivity and workload. Daily to-do lists, sales targets and staff scheduling can be accessed and updated on the shop floor, to focus activities and boost morale, as in-store sales staff track their progress.
  • Seamless Payment

It’s amazing how many sales fall through at the last moment, simply because your payment process isn’t optimised. Yourcegid POS & Store Management fully integrates transactions into the sales process, to create a seamless checkout experience for your customers.
A tailor-made solution that adapts to your management processes and rules, the touch screen can be customised and customers have the option of printed or digital receipts.

  • Integrated reporting and analysis

Yourcegid POS & Store Management has integrated reporting and analysis capabilities so users have real-time insight into their KPIs, including best sellers, in-store sales staff performance, customer analysis and sales performance. Reports are available on a user-friendly dashboard so it’s easy to digest the data and take action.

  • Added-value customer service

Yourcegid POS & Store Management goes beyond improving the path to purchase; it transforms the point of sale into a point of service.
The solution has many features that enrich customer encounters, including customer orders, stock availability, after-sales service, special orders, wedding lists, birth lists, calling lists and more. It’s integrated to Cegid’s CRM solution to create a truly omnichannel loyalty scheme. It’s fully integrated to QAS address verification to help enrich your customer contact information.

  • A secure productive platform

Our solution has been designed with both the customer and the user in mind. It secures all data to combat in-store fraud, identifying suspicious behaviour such as price overrides and reimbursements outside business hours.
Yourcegid POS & Store Management can also be used to increase staff productivity, allowing personnel to track sales targets, clock staffing hours, and update to-do lists without leaving the shop floor.

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