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HERE’S A cool concept. You’re on holiday, in a great little surf store and want to share the love with family back home. Hop on an in-store touch-screen kiosk, select a tee-shirt design from an endless range of possibilities, choose some great packaging and a message, pay, and it’s on it’s way!

For retailers looking for new ways to engage customers, this is an idea whose time has come, and our minds are brimming with the possibilities of ways for a retailer to creatively market and sell to their customer. TeeMail, by innovative provider inStock, is capturing attention in the market.

Here’s how it works. Stores can set up a touch screen kiosk in store, or as a mini concession store elsewhere (like an airport or department store).

Customers browse through what’s on offer – a virtual endless-aisle of possibilities where they can be potentially connected to any item or line of stock you have available. They customise the gift with a message, and creative packaging and process the payment all in the same place.

TeeMail 1

Offering additional purchasing opportunities

The real benefit of this approach for retailers is that it offers more purchasing opportunities. People shopping in store get access to a broader range of stock, and have a great experience while they are doing it. You can be present in additional locations, and give them your stores experience, without having to be physically located there.

Improving customer experience

Customers love using the TeeMail kiosk. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s self-serve. What’s not to like? Retailers using TeeMail kiosks find all kinds of ways to ramp up the experience – at iconic Australian surf brand Between the Flags they mount the kiosk on a Malibu surfboard. To take their brand outside their stores, they could take those surfboard kiosks to airports and department stores anywhere. The retail applications are endless – anyone who sells potential gifts could use it – Toy stores, Wine merchants, Book stores, Cosmetics, Luxury apparel…..

TeeMail 3

With retail today being all about finding new ways to ramp up the customer experience, we think TeeMail has lots going for it.

About InStock

InStock find new ways of harnessing the power of online shopping and combining it with the in-store retail experience. In addition to TeeMail, they are the makers of InStock, which offers extensive ranges in-store, and engages customers with compelling deals. It increases sales, reduces stock levels and uses the shop-floor more efficiently.

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